Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What's in the Fridge

Ya it's a mess. We're not organized Fridge people. I start off with everything neat and logical but Jack puts things wherever there's a space. Then I get lazy and do the same thing.

So - I had a great plan for this week, made a list of dinners and shopped for the foods needed to make them. And I did - for the most part.

I'd planned 5 meals: Lasagne (1 meal), Pot Roast (2), Chicken Breasts (1), Cauliflower pizza (1). I figured we'd order in one night and maybe go out another.

* Lasagne (did it)

* Spaghetti Sauce (done and frozen for future meals)

* Pot Roast (not done yet)

* Chicken with vegetables and potatoes (did chicken and potatoes, couldn't face making green vegetable)

* Cauliflower pizza (that's why you see 2 cauliflowers in the fridge - one for pizza, one for a side vegetable another night)

Problem is I never plan lunches or breakfasts so that's our goal today - to sit down and plan 7 days worth of meals. All meals.

Wish us luck

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